Our employee group supporting ethnic and cultural diversity
Embrace is our employee-driven group supporting cultural and ethnic diversity.
The diverse talent, skills and commitment of our people help us take on and solve some of our customers’ most complex and demanding challenges. At BAE Systems we want everyone to be themselves at work, because we know that’s when they’re at their best. Embrace launched across the UK this year, and is an important forum for discussion and change within our business.

Our aims

Embrace is a UK group run by employees and is open to all - regardless of background. Its members are a diverse range of individuals united by a passion and drive to highlight the importance of diversity within the business, and ensure everyone is understood and respected in the workplace. Embrace is supported by Director-level sponsors and allies who ensure the views of the group are heard at the most senior level in BAE Systems.
  • Our vision is to be a forum for discussion and change in BAE Systems, where the benefits of cultural diversity are promoted, embraced and realised.
  • Our mission is to promote cultural diversity within the business and highlight the importance of having a diverse workforce.
  • Image of Ekene - Embrace


    Embrace member
  • Ekene says:
    "I view Embrace as a mechanism in which knowledge of culture, ethnicities and heritage is shared amongst colleagues. Through the dissemination of this knowledge, Embrace brings people from all walks of life together to break down the barriers we face in building deeper connections with our colleagues.
    By encouraging collaboration and participation in Diversity & Inclusion initiatives, Embrace has made a significant impact on the working experience of its members.
    It aids in the creation and maintenance of a more inclusive environment, as well as being a useful channel that enables the travel of important matters on Race and Equality, up and down the chain of management."
  • Image of Thiv - Embrace


    Embrace member
  • Thiv says:

    “Diversity is perceived differently by most people. A vast number of the disadvantages experienced by people of different ethnic groups and cultural backgrounds are hidden. I would like to help break that barrier, and I believe BAE Systems can achieve a truly diverse culture.

    I hope Embrace will open minds to discussion about backgrounds and cultures, and help people understand what diversity really is. It’s also a way to tackle the shortage of engineering skills in the UK.

    Our goal should be to help students understand their potential, and inspire them to become the next generation of innovators, scientists and engineers.”

  • Image of Deepi - Embrace


    Co-Chair, Embrace
  • Deepi says:
    "Employee groups like Embrace are driving important and positive change in organisations by challenging entrenched attitudes and stigmas around cultures and ethnicity.
    At BAE Systems, Embrace gives employees from all backgrounds a voice to share any concerns in a safe space, put forward ideas for change and know that they are being heard."
  • Embrace - Gareth


    Embrace sponsor
  • Gareth says:

    “All people, regardless of their age, race, gender, disability, religious beliefs and upbringing have the right to be treated fairly and equally.

    I want to help create a more inclusive environment at BAE Systems where employees are respected and valued for who they are, where they get equal access to opportunities and resources, and where they can thrive and contribute.” 
  • BAE Systems Embrace member Philip


    Embrace member
  • Philip says:
    “To me Embrace, is a group that supports and celebrates the wonderful array of cultures, heritages and ethnic groups we have within our company. It provides a fantastic opportunity to engage with people from different backgrounds and to spread understanding and awareness about different beliefs, traditions and ways of life. Being in a leadership role within the Naval Ships Engineering organisation, and coming from an ethnic minority background myself, I see it as privilege to able to lend my support to Embrace whenever I can, to support inclusivity, and to hopefully inspire others to do the same.”