Cyber zone

DSEI 2017
ExCel London
We are a leading supplier of cyber, intelligence, and security capabilities to government agencies, and a growing supplier of cyber and network security capabilities to commercial customers.

Zone floor plan

Image of our Cyber zone at DSEI 2017


Product List

  • 1 - Cyber interactive demonstration

Cyber Capability

As part of our overall national security strategy to support government cyber agencies, we offer the following capabilities, focusing on:
  • Technology, processes and people required to operate a National Cyber Security Agency effectively
  • National umbrella cyber threat horizon scanning and situational awareness
  • Advanced monitoring for government and CNI enterprise(s)
  • Managed Security Services
  • Threat intelligence
These core capabilities enable BAE Systems’ customers to stay ahead of today’s cyber threats, providing actionable intelligence from multiple sources for law enforcement and intelligence agencies.
National Cyber Security Agency (NCSA)
BAE Systems has proven global experience in assisting nations to plan, set up and operate a national cyber agency, to provide the organisation and choreography needed to assure the digital perimeter and cyber defence of a country. Our approach spans three key areas:
  • Cyber security operations (monitoring, response and intervention)
  • National strategy and policy as well as assurance and research activities to understand future threats so that appropriate change can be implemented ahead of emerging threat vectors
  • Outreach services (Government, CNI and International liaison, cyber intelligence sharing and national education)
National Networks Cyber Centre (NNCC)
BAE Systems helps governments assess cyber threats at national scale by working with telecommunications operators to lawfully and ethically extract and analyse key cyber metadata from national networks. This unique proposition provides:
  • Situational awareness over government and military estate, critical infrastructure, industry and the public
  • Assessment of new threat intelligence nationwide in near real time, coupled with historical analysis
  • Quick analysis of vast quantities of alerts to narrow in on interesting areas and patterns
Advanced Security Operation Centre (ASOC) and shared ASOC


Working for and in partnership with national states and governments, BAE Systems was the first company to define, design and deploy an Advanced Security Operation Centre (ASOC). This state-of-the-art national defence capability builds upon traditional SOC functions to integrate:
  • Threat Intelligence;
  • Threat Analytics to detect unknown vectors of attack;
  • An advanced Threat Investigation solution to help analysts investigate alerts;
  • A world-class Incident Response capability to respond to cyber threats, shortening an attacker’s window of opportunity.
We minimise the impact and manage intrusions from the most serious threat actors, and enable a rapid recovery in response to a confirmed breach, utilising either:
  • An on premises dedicated solution pattern, or
  • A national solution pattern, centrally hosted, providing Managed Security Services for key government and CNI networks
Threat Intelligence
As cyber-space evolves, so do the threats which seek to exploit users for financial, political, or nation-state objectives. Understanding the nature of these threats is rapidly becoming a key part of any mature cyber-security programme. Through our Threat Intelligence service we provide partners, nations and governments with relevant, timely and actionable information on the threats they face. We offer both technical data feeds and contextualised reports via a secure portal, along with access to our technical experts, who can assist with investigating suspected cyber attack activity.


Communications Intelligence Capability

Empowering national agencies to gather and analyse information and intelligence
BAE Systems understands the nature of the contemporary threats we face and what can be done to counter them. We are experts in communications intelligence, lawful intercept, digital information gathering, data enrichment and analysis.
We also understand government and public sensitivities with regard to data privacy and communications monitoring. We can work with national governments, security agencies and LEAs to provide auditable solutions which are proportionate to a threat. These solutions will operate within the correct governance with approved processes in support of local national legislation.
Open source collection and analysis
In pursuance of their missions, national agencies are faced with key questions about those who pose a threat to a nation, its businesses, or its citizens.
BAE Systems has a number of solutions that can empower law enforcement agencies and those tasked with national defence to search through massive volumes of publicly available open source data, to conduct powerful analysis and enrichment of that data, and to maximise the intelligence which can be obtained from it to form a single intelligence picture.
Our solutions enable our customers to operate within the law and the authority granted to them by their governments, while respecting privacy laws and the rights of individuals.