With 85% of defence, government and aerospace organisations saying that digital capability is key, our latest study investigates the role of digital technologies and practices in helping these sectors gain an advantage today.

This report sheds light on digital maturity levels among ‘high trust’ organisations, which deliver critical value to UK society, their current challenges to digital transformation, and how these can be overcome.

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Achieving a digital advantage is different for organisations operating in high-trust sectors. The stakes are higher because the data they are handling is more sensitive, the IT environments are more complex and the digital skill sets needed are becoming increasingly harder to find and retain. Across data, people and technology, key obstacles must be overcome before these organisations can become more digitally mature.

Digital Intelligence
Unlocking digital advantage in high trust sectors
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of respondents agree having a digital advantage is crucial or very important


of respondents are completely digitally mature today


of respondents face barriers to achieving a digital advantage

Download the 'Unlocking Digital Advantage in High Trust Sectors' report
“High-trust sectors - those that contribute to the smooth running, physical safety and general freedoms enjoyed by citizens in the UK - have the double challenge of accelerating their digital advantage while continuing to deliver critical value to society reliably and responsibly. BAE Systems Digital Intelligence’s new report, ‘Unlocking digital advantage in high-trust sectors’, delves into the barriers these organisations face in becoming more digitally mature.” James Hatch, Chief Digital Officer, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence

83% agree

digital maturity is key to ensuring they meet the responsibility of being a trusted part of society

88% agree

digital maturity enables them to collaborate more easily across sectors

“High trust organisations are innovating at pace, using digital technologies and ways of working to transform - but so is the adversary. We need to use data effectively and collaboratively, safely weaving threads between digital capabilities across organisations and sectors. Embracing new digital transformation opportunities is vital for making this happen, helping us to generate a digital backbone based on people, process and technology.” Mivy James, Digital Transformation Director, BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
Download the 'Unlocking Digital Advantage in High Trust Sectors' report
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