Government departments are facing a delicate balancing act. They understand the need to drive digital transformation and innovation but, unlike other sectors, they must be responsible custodians of citizens’ information while protecting data that is critical to national security. It’s therefore no surprise that people, data and technology challenges are proving stubborn roadblocks to digital progress.
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said driving digital advantage is “crucial” or “very important” to their organisation

said reaching digital maturity is harder because the data they are handling is more sensitive than in commercial sectors

said the government is struggling to become more digitally mature because of the skills shortage
According to one estimate, further investment in hybrid working technology, digital services and improved use of data in the public sector could add £100 billion to UK GDP by 2040. With this opportunity in mind, this research sheds light on the current barriers to progress and outlines some of the key building blocks government organisations can start putting in place now to benefit society in the future.
“Effective use of data is vital for getting digital agility right, which is dependent on providing people with secure access to accurate data in a timely way. By giving employees visibility into activity across the organisation, they can make informed, data-driven decisions and use intelligence to solve critical problems.” James Hatch, Digital Strategy Director at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
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