The modern battlespace is continuing to digitally transform across air, land, sea, space and cyber. Against a tumultuous geopolitical backdrop, keeping up with the technological pace of change is a top priority for all UK defence organisations – particularly in terms of augmenting the decision-making process as part of a Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) approach


said failing to embrace digital technology would leave them unable to protect and serve democracy

said having a digital ‘advantage’ was important or crucial to their organisation

said failing to leverage data would mean an inability to solve complex challenges in society
As adversaries continue to innovate at pace, we take a closer look at the urgent requirement for defence to gain a digital advantage over adversaries, exploring some of the findings from our recent research, Unlocking digital advantage in high trust sectors. As part of this, we look at how defence organisations can effectively use and share data across domains to augment the decision-making process - something that is vitally important as the sector moves towards a Multi-Domain Integration (MDI) approach.
“In a world shaped by technological advancement, having a bigger picture view of digital and data networks and devices is critical to defence’s ability to safeguard the nation’s security and stability. But getting this holistic view is only possible if information is used effectively and collaboratively, which involves safely weaving threads between digital capabilities across multiple domains. By working together to create these digital threads, the sector will be able to make better decisions at the right time and ultimately unlock an advantage in the digital age.” Mivy James, Digital Transformation Director at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence
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