Network Intelligence Probes

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BAE Systems can help Law Enforcement, Intelligence Agencies and the Military (‘agencies’) gain real-time visibility of all traffic crossing communications networks to enable them to identify and protect against criminal and cyber threats.
We do this through our portfolio of Network Intelligence Probes which agencies can deploy within CSPs or on communication networks to facilitate the legal acquisition and processing of data for both content and metadata.

Powerfully intelligent traffic processing devices

The BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal Network Intelligence Probes are intelligent, powerful traffic processing devices. They passively examine network traffic that passes across network links and then either forward all the traffic they receive to further processing stages, or break the traffic down into its constituent parts to identify and then forward specific elements to further processing stages.
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BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal Probes

Amongst others, these probes include the BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal AT02 and the BAE Systems IntelligenceReveal PM03 which simplify data acquisition and processing using specialised capabilities for Intelligent Flow Steering and Selected Forwarding.

Network Intelligence Probes Diagram 2
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