Cross Domain Solutions

Cross Domain Solutions
Transform your secure network operations with BAE System Cross Domain Solutions
For many years, those working on secure networks in high trust environments have looked on enviously at the internet freedoms enjoyed by others in less secure environments. Where the risk of interconnection with other networks has been considered too high, high trust networks have remained siloed, and users have operated within strictly controlled environments without network contact to the outside world.
However, in recent years, thanks to the portfolio of Cross Domain Solutions from BAE Systems, an increasing number of government and high trust networks have transformed their digital operations. Our range of data diodes and Hyper-secure FPGA hardware based Access and Transfer solutions enable secure connectivity between networks of different trust levels, thus removing network and data silos, making operations and missions more efficient, and enabling new ways of working.

Cross Domain Solutions


Our CDS Reduce Security Risks

Although it is never possible to eradicate risk altogether, BAE Systems’ Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) reduce the attack surface to a level where the benefits far outweigh the risks, and allow organisations to decrease the cyber risks otherwise posed by existing processes or unofficial workarounds.

Tried, Tested and fully operational for over two decades

The BAE Systems portfolio of CDS are tried, tested and fully operational in the UK and overseas for over two decades, and not only help Government and large national organisations to remove operational silos, improve efficiencies and enhance staff morale, but also increase competitiveness and enable organisations to achieve greater success, whatever their mission is. They do this seamlessly. With ultra low latency. Enabling multiple use cases. But most important of all: securely.

A Global Portfolio

We are the only global vendor of Cross Domain Solutions with local research and development teams on three continents, providing sovereign capability to different regions. We work closely with the US National Cross Domain Strategy Management Office, and the UK’s and Australia’s National Cyber Security Centres to ensure compliance with their design patterns and security requirements, and to enable future collaboration between nations.
Our CDS are available globally subject to export restrictions and authorisations being granted. This enables organisations from one geography to select and deploy the CDS that best meet their requirements, and then deploy them across multiple continents, as required.

Local Support

To support our customers, BAE Systems has a global team delivering operational capability on a daily basis. We have security-cleared 5-eyes teams based in the UK, Australia and US, each with deep expertise in hardware, firmware and software development, as well as in-country manufacturing capabilities. As a leading global cross domain supplier, our teams continue to work closely with the standards agencies and cross domain community across the 5-eyes to understand future requirements for cross domain security.

Our solutions Raise-the-bar for Secure Information Exchanges

Our CDS deliver an entire Raise The Bar compliant solution using software and hardware according to design patterns required by the NSA.

BAE Systems Cross Domain Solutions Diagram
Components of a BAE Systems CDS providing both one-way transfer (OWT) solutions and bi-directional capability

Who benefits from Cross Domain Solutions?


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As a global cross domain supplier, our security-cleared 5-eyes teams based in the UK, Australia and US deliver operational capability on a daily basis. If you would like to benefit from the freedom and efficiency provided by our CDS, please contact us.
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