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Cross Domain Solutions

Cross Domain Solutions
BAE Systems’ Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) reduce the attack surface to a level where the benefits far outweigh the risks, and allow organisations to decrease the cyber risks posed by existing processes or unofficial workarounds.
When connecting previously siloed networks together - or finding new ways to improve the security of information exchanges between connected networks - it is never possible to eradicate risk altogether. However, BAE Systems’ Cross Domain Solutions (CDS) reduce the attack surface to a level where the benefits far outweigh the risks, and allow organisations to decrease the cyber risks otherwise posed by existing processes or unofficial workarounds.
Our CDS enable cost effective secure information exchanges (data/voice/video) between networks which protect and assure the confidentiality and integrity of the data in transit, but also ensure that the egress and ingress points of the network do not become a point of entry for malware or malicious cyber activity.
Our solutions, tried, tested and fully operational in the UK and overseas for several years, not only help Government and large national organisations to remove operational silos and improve efficiencies and enhance staff morale, but also increase competitiveness and enable organisations to achieve greater success, whatever their mission is.

Our Cross Domain Solutions

We support the following two distinct classes of cross domain requirements:
1) Access CDS: Users on sensitive networks need to be able to access the internet or view information on networks of a lower trust class (‘secure browse down’).
2) Transfer CDS: Sensitive information needs to be shared between users or machines across network boundaries, often where the networks are of different security classifications. This class of CDS supports:
  • Machine-to-machine data transfers
  • Secure mobile working and mobile device management
  • Secure email between domains
  • Secure collaboration: organisations need to be able to hold secure voice and video calls both within their organisation and with partner agencies, efficiently, and with no added latency
The capability enabled by BAE Systems CDS is performed by two distinct components. These are:
  • Data Transformation Engines which filter and transform the data in preparation for passing between domains.
  • Boundary devices which enforce security of data flows and which act as a central component to a wider solution. To enforce security between domains, BAE Systems offers customers a choice of either data diodes or hardware-based gateways which implement a protocol-break in the actual hardware of the solution. Our most secure solutions contain a security hardened hardware-based gateway at its core.

Raising the Bar for Secure Information Exchanges

BAE Systems CDS raise the bar for security for all government organisations with secure networks that deal with sensitive information. Our solutions provide a combination of hardware and software-based enforcing functions to ensure adherence to design patterns and principles from the UK’s National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), the US’s National Security Agency (NSA) and the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).

The Team

To support our customers, BAE Systems has a global team delivering operational capability on a daily basis. We have security-cleared 5-eyes teams based in the UK, Australia and US, each with deep expertise in hardware, firmware and software development, as well as in-country manufacturing capabilities. As a leading global cross domain supplier, our teams continue to work closely with the standards agencies and cross domain community across the 5-eyes to understand future requirements for cross domain security.

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If you are a Government organisation, dealing with sensitive information, and would like to benefit from the freedom and efficiency provided by our CDS, please contact us.
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Please note: Our CDS are primarily aimed at government customers with the highest security clearances and most stringent security requirements. Large corporations working in Critical National Infrastructure wishing to raise the bar of their cross domain security should however contact us to discuss their requirements and ensure they are aware of our next generation capabilities.