Is your Lawful Interception Solution 5G Ready?

5G Lawful Interception Standards Compliance & Operational Readiness Assessment
Lawful Interception & Data Retention
Fully realizing the potential of 5G means transforming the core telecom network from a fixed-function, hard-wired, appliance architecture to a software and cloud based open platform. Deeper interconnectivity and an extensive technology mix in the core network mean that critical support services, including Lawful Interception (LI) are going to be more difficult to manage as well as to keep them fit for purpose for 5G.

Take advantage of BAE Systems’ two weeks assessment program to evaluate the impact of network and business transformation changes your legal compliance, standards adherence and operational processes.

Our advice is prepared in a product agnostic manner with relevant applicable measures and a pragmatic approach.

Our ‘5G LI Readiness’ assessment is based on industry best practices and our in-depth understanding of risk and complex enterprise IT. It’s possible that your teams are doing this all correctly already – but wouldn’t you like to have that independently verified? 
BAE Systems' 5G Readiness Assessment.
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