The Get Safe Online website provides expert and practical advice to individuals on how to protect themselves, their computers or mobile devices and their businesses against fraud, identity theft, viruses and many other problems encountered online. It also contains guidance on many related topics including performance back-ups and how to avoid loss or theft of computers, smartphones or tablets.
The organisation runs Get Safe Online Week, a critical initiative to raise awareness and protect the UK from the cyber threats not only to individuals, but also to businesses.  
Small businesses in particular are at risk, but there are many things they can do to protect themselves.  Knowing what sorts of attacks to expect is a crucial first step.  Small businesses are most likely to be targeted by cyber criminals exploiting "known vulnerabilities" – basic attacks such as a simple virus or phishing attack that larger organisations will already have closed off as a possible route into their IT network.  This is because small businesses are potentially more prone than larger organisations to day-to-day IT security threats as they don’t typically have the same level of expertise or protection in place.
Get Safe Online Week is a strong reminder to individuals and small businesses of the importance of adequate security measures to protect themselves. The initiative does not encourage a radical overhaul; it is rather a reminder of the essential steps and basic precautions that small businesses should be taking as a matter of course.
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