Webinar: Lawful 
Interception - Adapting 
to Changing Networks

Webinar recorded July 2020
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Lawful Interception
In this webinar, BAE Systems’ experts will explore the pivotal network transformation that virtualisation brings and the need to migrate systems – including lawful interception, a mandatory operator service – to this new architecture.
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Watch the webinar today to gain insight into:

  • Why future standards compliance, as well as backwards compatibility are essential 
  • How consolidating legacy silos can reduce long-term operating costs 
  • What Telco Cloud means for LI
  • How LI can adapt to new, agile service delivery models, enabled by dynamic slicing
  • Why massive IoT demands significant changes in LI service delivery
Presenter: Matthew Meacham, Lead Product Manager, Lawful Interception
Matt has been leading BAE Systems’ product development and innovation in the lawful interception space for over a decade. Matt works actively with the Industry Standards groups like 3GPP, communication service providers (CSPs) and network equipment providers (NEPs) to ensure our solutions are aligned with the industry demands. He holds a Master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering.

Watch the webinar recording, or download the slides, below.



Transforming Lawful Interception

How can Lawful Interception adapt to changing networks?

In this four-part series of briefing papers, we explore the implications for Lawful Interception in the cloud-native era – and how you can adapt to meet the challenges.
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