Technology is changing everything: the infrastructure that enables businesses, governments and security agencies, the way people live their lives, how organisations monitor and respond to an ever-evolving variety of cyber threats.
In this volatile world, organisations need to improve their ability to secure and defend themselves. They also need to find ways of using new technologies to increase their mission and business efficiency. 
Enter Cross Domain Solutions (CDS).
CDS enable users in secure government organisations to be able to move on from silos and ‘connect’ with other networks and systems, users and available resources from one desktop: simply, securely and quickly. 

Our work at a glance

We support the following two distinct classes of cross domain requirements:
  1. Access CDS: Users on sensitive networks need to be able to access the internet or view information on lower security networks.
  2. Transfer CDS: Sensitive information needs to be shared between users or machines across network boundaries, often where the networks are of different security classifications. 

Who benefits from Cross Domain Solutions?


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Spotlighting Solutions for Cross Domain Security

Spotlighting the solutions for Cross Domain Security

While resisting cyber attackers is never easy, Cross Domain Solutions have a key role to play in safeguarding data sharing, explains Richard Byng.
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Cloud Burst

Cloud burst: Securing data cross domains

Cloud computing is now a fact of life for organisations in both the public and private sectors – but how can their data be shared securely? The solution, says Sam Neath, lies in secure cross domain.
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Secure Data Sharing

Secure data sharing

Secure data transfer between systems at different levels of classification, security or trust, incorporating line-rate real-time metadata redaction or modification.
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A cross domain conversation image tile

A cross domain conversation

BAE Systems’ Douglas Steil and Richard Byng discuss the impact of Cross Domain Solutions and their potential to transform the operations of organisations large and small.
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As a global cross domain supplier, our security-cleared 5-eyes teams based in the UK, Australia and US deliver operational capability on a daily basis. If you would like to benefit from the freedom and efficiency provided by our CDS, please contact us.
Learn more about our CDS products and services and how they can help your organisation.

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