Many people see cloud and security as pulling in opposite directions, and think that you can't work efficiently and securely across security boundaries or put sensitive data in the cloud. But, if you know what you’re doing, secure organisations can get the benefits of both private and public cloud, with modern ways of working, whilst remaining secure. But it does need a different set of technologies, processes and controls to what most people are used to. So come and talk to the experts.


Secure Cloud Icon We specialise in helping secure government departments and high-trust sectors make the most of cloud and other digital technologies, and we have a track record of helping customers with:

We work closely with our customers to address these challenges: we have proven and continuously evolving ways of working across security environments, and work with customers on embedding any cultural change; our cross domain products enable secure information transfers between environments and are used globally by secure government customers and high-trust sectors; we have developed a modern threat-based cloud security approach to new and organisation-specific challenges.
Our approach allows our customers to achieve the agility and resilience that cloud offers and to become a modern digital organisation, without compromising on security.


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Hear from the experts on Secure Cloud and Digital Transformation:

Helping Secure Government Organisations Establish Integrated Low-side/High-side Working Practices image tile

Helping Secure Government Organisations Establish Integrated Low-side/High-side Working Practices White Paper

In response to rapidly changing market dynamics, government organisations are resorting to a new operating architecture, to divide operations into two separate security networks.
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DevSecOps Brochure

Helping Secure Government Organisations Apply DevSecOps

We have successfully helped many secure government organisations migrate to a DevSecOps methodology and benefit from the agile development of new applications and systems. Download the brochure now.
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The coming surge in serverless

The Coming Surge in Serverless

Chris Hesketh, Chief Technology Officer, BAE Systems Applied Intelligence

‘Serverless’ is far more than just the latest tech buzzword, says Chris Hesketh. It actually represents a new way of working that can deliver efficiency, cost savings and agility.
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Jim Briscoe Nelson

Making waves: Steering the Royal Navy into a digital future

Military service may run in the family but Jim Briscoe is not your average naval commander. He tells Sandy Boxall about life at the helm of NELSON, the Royal Navy’s flagship digital transformation programme.
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Setting the Bar for Cross Domain Solutions

Setting the Bar for Cross domain Solutions

How can organisations secure and defend themselves, while also using new technologies to increase their efficiency? Cross Domain Solutions offer the answer – here’s why…
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