Faster. Smarter. Intelligence-led.
The technology platform for compliance and fraud that drives speed and efficiency and combines the best of advanced analytics and human expertise.
NetReveal is a single platform for regulatory compliance and fraud prevention with a comprehensive range of solutions which can be deployed separately or integrated to enable Financial Institutions to lower the total cost of ownership across their compliance and fraud teams. 
Combining the best of advanced analytics, technology advancements and human expertise, NetReveal reduces the cost, time and effort of addressing anti-money laundering and compliance obligations and delivers accurate and efficient fraud detection and prevention, while minimising disruption to customers.
The latest version of NetReveal combines a range of platform updates and solution enhancements that significantly improve operational efficiency and transform investigator effectiveness.
  • Modernised technology increases deployment flexibility, reduces infrastructure footprint, and minimises latency. 
  • Advanced analytics capabilities with machine learning techniques deliver performance metrics which can be used to improve detection and help focus on more productive alerts. 
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is integral, and routine tasks are automated to enable investigators to focus on the high value strategic investigative work that they are skilled to do. 

Key updates to the NetReveal platform:

NetReveal Enterprise Case Management 
An open and flexible case management solution that efficiently organises data inputs (including aggregated third-party data), prioritises alerts, and manages investigations. 
Entity-Based Investigations
Our industry-first entity-level alert roll up capability works across our Compliance Suite to improve investigator efficiency on average by 20-30%.  Within the Payment Fraud Solution, a more reliable and complete profile of suspicious actors is dynamically created and continuously updated, ensuring full transparency of a potential criminal action.
Managed Analytics Service
Our data scientists can be called upon to augment in-house teams or provide expert guidance on combatting the latest evolving financial crime scenarios with advanced analytics capabilities and machine learning. 
Modern Decoupled Architecture
NetReveal incorporates carefully evaluated and appropriate use of open source technologies and ensures that future upgrade is easier and more straightforward.

Key updates to NetReveal Regulatory Compliance Suite:

Link Analysis 
Complex analytics are presented in easy to understand and actionable network graphs. Graph visualisation instantaneously constructs and displays a network diagram of a customer’s association to alerts, cases, accounts, and other associated parties.
Cross Filters
Places transaction data, such as the number of transactions or the values of each transaction, directly within a single user interface so that investigators can easily visualise a customer's flow of funds by channels, currencies, accounts and countries.
Interactive Lists
Personalise screens to a preferred working style by selecting which fields to display in a list. Drag and drop to change column order, re-size columns, and save preferences without involving IT, or BAE Systems.
Queuing and Routing
Provides a 10% average productivity gain across AML and WLM solutions by prioritising alerts by urgency. Queuing and Routing gets the right alerts and cases to the right people at the right time.
NetReveal Data Privacy Agent 
Helps organisations comply with region specific data privacy requirements such as GDPR for the European Union and the California Consumer Privacy Act.

Key updates to the NetReveal Payments Fraud Solution:

Advanced Analytics for Fraud Detection
Pairing machine learning and predictive analytics with traditional detection rule-sets, citizen data scientists are empowered to create, enhance and monitor detection models. 
Continuous Data Streaming
Reduces infrastructure cost for the same level of throughput whilst ensuring faster detection despite rising transaction volumes and shorter settlement times. Quickly integrates with other environments including the latest digital and online channels as well as more traditional ones such as wire and ACH. 
Open Banking / PSD2 Ready
Pre-defined fraud rate thresholds are continuously monitored in interactive dashboards and reports to enable instant evaluation and adjustments to the Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) ruleset. Flexible detection logic for standard exclusion and transaction risk assessment for SCA are in full compliance with European Banking Authority regulatory technical standards. 
Fraud Scenario Self-service
‘Whitebox' detection scenarios are easy to configure and fine tune in-house. Rule templates can be tailored to your specific use cases and risk appetite, so that vendor visits for detection model tuning are minimised.
Third-party Data Integration
Integrating third-party data from both internal and external sources is straightforward for both data and external authentication services. Transactions and fraud scores from existing upstream detection systems can be imported to a single, enterprise-wide investigator dashboard and aggregated into an overall risk assessment.