Responsible cyber power sounds good but what does it mean exactly? And how can it be achieved? As different countries jostle for advantage in cyber space, answering these questions is becoming increasingly important.

Complimentary white paper:

How the UK can be a responsible cyber power

How the UK can be a responsible cyber power cover image In this insight paper, Dr Mary Haigh, says that while different definitions abound, responsible cyber power combines strong cyber defences with offensive cyber capabilities underpinned by the law and a strong ethical framework.
She explains why responsible cyber power cannot be achieved by government alone; it demands the engagement of industry, universities, schools and society as a whole.
It also needs a collective, diverse cyber workforce, made up of not just of software coders and computer scientists, but containing truly broad skillsets, from communications to marketing and from geopolitics to human behavioural scientists. 
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Responsible Cyber Power

Virtual Event Recording

We recently hosted a virtual event in partnership with RUSI on this subject where Dr Mary Haigh, CISO facilitated a discussion between some of the women leading the way in cyber security, examining the importance of diversity in addressing the challenges and opportunities of the global cyber race.
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Learn why being a responsible cyber power needs a clear definition and a broad collective effort, encompassing industry, universities, schools and society as a whole


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