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Turning Legacy into Opportunity

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Legacy IT is a perennial issue for governments of all political stripe but tackling it is far from straightforward. Lorna Rea plots the best way to turn legacy into opportunity
One issue that connects governments of any political stripe is legacy IT – technology still widely used by departments and agencies despite being rendered out of date by the dizzying pace of digital advances. Such is its deep penetration of government systems and processes, agreeing the need to upgrade is one thing, implementing real change is quite another. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be done.

From deploying a roadmap sponsored from the most senior levels through to combining legacy IT upgrades within the overall IT strategy, policymakers have a range of approaches which can reduce risk and dependence.

Complimentary Insight: Turning legacy into opportunity

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Every day, governments around the world have to deal with outdated IT hindering operations and service delivery, and inevitably this leads to a poor user experience. Here, Lorna Rea examines the key areas of legacy IT impacting British policymakers and identifies best practice and transformation approaches which can reduce risk and dependence.
While far from straightforward, the powerful allure of upgraded systems fit for the myriad challenges and opportunities of 21st century government can surely fuel the journey ahead.

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