Five Cyber Security Predictions for 2019 In businesses around the world, 2018 showed us that cyber security vulnerabilities continue to grow and evolve. The business impact and complexity of managing cyber security is increasing dramatically, as is the need to justify cyber security investments and provide reporting relevant to the business to prove the value of those investments.
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Advances in technology like artificial intelligence and machine learning accelerate the pace of new, data-driven solutions, but this can be a dual-edged sword as bad actors can leverage them into more sophisticated attacks on companies that are just trying to stay abreast of current threats.
With that in mind, Adrian Nish, BAE Systems Head of Threat Intelligence offers his predictions for 2019. Get a sneak peek of the predictions below, and download our report to get the full insight.

Our Predictions for 2019 - An Overview:


Bank heists move to real time 1) Bank heists move to real time

Given the record number of cyber heists in 2018, it is likely bank networks will continue to be in the crosshairs of financially motivated threat groups in 2019 - Read the full prediction.

The death of the password 2) The death of the password

Security engineers have long had it in for passwords, and leading tech firms have begun to adopt smarter, more friction-free alternatives - Read the full prediction.

Anti-AI activists attack 3) Anti-AI activists attack

In 2019 we may see the emergence of activist groups concerned with the potential for an AI revolution and the negative impacts this may have - Read the full prediction.

Bitcoin crashes 4) Bitcoin crashes

The Bitcoin bubble is bursting, and a 40% drop in recent months may be foreshadowing even further falls to come next year - Read the full prediction.

Testing times for regulations 5) Testing times for regulations

2019 will further put pressure on the sector around KYC, but will also see extra constraints due to GDPR - Read the full prediction.

Clearly, 2019 will continue to have some significant cyber security hurdles, with the shortage of cyber security professionals among them. The amount of complexity in cyber security systems continues to make staying ahead of hackers difficult and time consuming.
This is the opportune moment for businesses to revisit their cyber security plans to make sure they have the right mix of technology to detect cyber attacks and the right people to defend against them.
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