2020 Cyber Security Predictions With no sign of cyber security criminal activity dropping, 2020 will be a pivotal year for businesses and governments across the globe dealing with ever-evolving cyber security threats. As new technologies and techniques accelerate at a rapid pace, your cyber security defences have never needed more support than at this moment.
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Over the past year, our threat intelligence analysts have seen cyber criminal gangs become more sophisticated, with new financial targets in mind. New sectors and subsectors in the financial services industry will be impacted in 2020 and we may even see the rise of a new international cyber power. 

Adrian Nish, BAE Systems Head of Threat Intelligence shares what your company should watch out for in 2020. Get a sneak peek of the predictions below, and download our report to get the full insight.

What to Watch for in 2020 - An Overview: 


Cyber concerns become safety concerns 1) Cyber concerns become safety concerns

Human safety has become dependent on automated, connected, cyber-physical systems. Factory machinery, medical devices, autonomous vehicles or city energy distribution going down could be disastrous – impacting not just costs but human life. Read the full prediction.

Sophisticated Attacks icon 2) Attacks on financial infrastructure will rise

Previously we’ve largely seen cyber criminals attack consumers, business accounts, and banks. In 2020, criminals will delve deeper into the financial ecosystem, targeting payroll services, interbank networks, Fintechs and Open Banking. Read the full prediction.

Cyber Insurance icon 3) Cyber insurance policy holes lead to legal action

Until recently, cyber security risks have been absent from insurance documents, with some insurers refusing to pay out after a cyber attack under the “acts of war” exemption. Read the full prediction.

Social Media icon 4) Social media companies invest in compliance teams

Social media giants operating globally often appear to have an “open to all” philosophy about sharing content online, however they still have to comply with individual laws of the countries in which they operate. Read the full prediction.

International cyber-power icon 5) Rise of a new international cyber-power

The internet and computing technology have been democratising forces since their inception, and the barriers to entry in tech are now low. 2020 may be the year a new international power takes the world stage – all because of their cyber capability. Read the full prediction.

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