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Filter content for BYOD with real-time protection

Filter content for BYOD with real-time protection

The increasing dependence on the Internet has also increased risk. Malicious attacks are growing exponentially but you can keep them at bay.
Comms Intelligence - Testing & Lab Services
Testing & Lab Services

Spam emails and phishing attacks initiated by botnets can present significant business challenges for service providers, such as IP-address blacklisting.  Protecting vulnerable users is an important - and often legislated - responsibility. We can help you get to grips with the complexity of analyzing vast quantities of data, but also minimizing the impact on day-to-day operations.

Ensure Regulatory Compliance

We understand the need for security when working with communications. Strict assurance that customer data is collected according to requirements is essential.
Comms Intelligence - Comms Intelligence Strategy
Communications Intelligence Strategy

Whether hosted with though a service provider or streamed directly to the customer, our solutions enable you to ensure legal compliance, monitor employee activity, protect confidential information, or document oral and written agreements. We can help you turn this into recurring revenue, in addition to programs that will improve customer satisfaction and loyalty.