Analytics and 
Machine Learning

Turning data into dividends
We work with our clients to understand their mission, and apply machine learning and automation techniques appropriately and ethically, to turn ideas into impact.
Analytics and Machine Learning icon Data is everywhere. From transforming industries to fuelling transactions, powering cutting-edge research to underpinning vital public services, data ricochets in all directions all day, every day. But that’s not all.

When processed and analysed correctly, it will also reveal insights into how an organisation can improve efficiency, reduce costs, increase competitiveness, grow market share, and fulfil its mission.

With data volumes growing every day, so, too, are the regulations governing their use and storage. So, how can organisations identify the data that will make a difference? And how can they ensure they are abiding by regulations, as well as ethical considerations and build this insight into their day-to-day operations?

Many organisations have multiple failed data analytics experiments behind them, and find themselves overwhelmed by the many challenges that identifying and operationalising data insight bring. And that’s where BAE Systems Applied Intelligence can help.

Data, information and intelligence are at the heart of what we deliver. We specialise in helping secure government departments and high-trust sectors exploit their data using artificial intelligence, machine learning and other more traditional analytical techniques.

We have a track record of helping our clients with:

Data, security, information and intelligence are at the heart of the critical business solutions we deliver for our clients. Handling Terabytes of data in real time every day, we deliver in-depth expertise in data management and data engineering and highly experienced data scientists and data engineers.
This mix of people, processes, culture, technology and data can generate real insight for your business and help you get the absolute best from your data.

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