Over the last year, we’ve seen cyber criminals continue to capitalise on today’s tumultuous landscape, whether it’s through launching ransomware attacks, threatening critical national infrastructure, or exploiting vulnerabilities in emerging technologies. So, what might 2023 have in store?

In 2023, cyber attacks will continue to be a challenging facet of global security. Organisations in both the public and private sector will need to work together to mitigate potential threats, paying close attention to new risks such as adversarial AI, threats to 5G and energy networks, and changes to cyber insurance policies.
Against this backdrop, the UK will place more emphasis on becoming a ‘responsible cyber power’ in line with its 2022 National Security Strategy. A big part of this will involve building greater cyber resiliency across every part of the country. Building up our cyber defences will require a massive team effort; we’ll see more collaboration between industry, government and academia to improve cyber capabilities and skills at every level.
BAE Systems Digital Intelligence 2023 cyber predictions icon Our cyber experts lay out their ‘7 Cybersecurity Predictions for 2023’, including: 
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