Cyber Security Breaches: It's not if, but when

BAE Systems’ Colin McKinty interview with TabbFORUM on how important it is for businesses to prepare for the inevitable cyberattack and what they can do when they are breached
Cyber security breaches; it&#...
With cyber security a pressing issue for virtually all industries, the need for businesses to understand the threat landscape and have a well-designed plan in place to effectively respond to cyberattacks has grown exponentially in just the past several years.
In this video interview with TabbFORUM, BAE Systems’ Colin McKinty, Vice-President Cyber Strategy for the Americas, provides a compelling overview of how business leaders need to manage their cyber security strategy, including: the various kinds of cyberattacks businesses will often see; how understanding the motivation of hackers is an important step in protecting critical information; and today’s evolving strategies for responding to the inevitable data breaches.
Prepare your business for the inevitable cyber attack. Watch the video.