The All In Club was founded in 2016 and is a community of people who want to improve gender balance and diversity in our workplace and industry.
We aim to ensure that everybody in BAE Systems Digital Intelligence is treated fairly irrespective of their gender, is well represented across all levels and roles and feels they belong and can succeed in all areas of the business. We have members across the globe including: Australia, Poland, Malaysia, Singapore and the UK.

Our Vision:

To make it business-as-usual for a person to hold and feel they can succeed in any role within Digital Intelligence, regardless of their gender.


1.  Inspire

All in Club Create an atmosphere within Digital Intelligence where people feel they can have the kind of career they want and aspire to success, whatever that means for them, regardless of their gender.

2.  Educate

Ensure everyone in Digital Intelligence (whatever their role, grade or gender) understands gender specific problems in the workplace and works in their own way to help overcome them.

3.  Question

Where a policy, practice, system, bias or area is creating a direct or indirect gender barrier, work with the relevant contacts to take action to question and remove the barrier.

4.  Support

Maintain a supportive network with safe spaces to talk about and seek advice on issues. Create networking opportunities to further goals.

All In Club Projects

The All In Club champions a number of ongoing initiatives as well as shorter-term projects. Some examples of these ongoing initiatives are:
  • The Access Project Tutoring
The Access Project provides tutors for GCSE and A-Level students from disadvantaged backgrounds. Young people from poor backgrounds are 6 times less likely to attend a top university than their more affluent peers. Applied Intelligence provides trained tutors that tutor and mentor students across the academic year making a tremendous difference to these students’ lives.
  • The Gender Diversity Toolkit
The Diversity Toolkit was developed using the outputs from at an event run by BAES Applied Intelligence in conjunction with MCA in 2017 – over 20 Consulting organisations attended and contributed to the content within the toolkit. The toolkit is divided into 8 sections to be adapted to fit various contexts including influencing wider society, restructuring recruitment, improving culture, influencing partners, finding better ways of working and challenging clients. Each leadership team has an action plan to incorporate more of these inclusive into their everyday.
  • Awareness & Discussion Events
Across the whole of BAE Systems Digital Intelligence. These include events such as International Women’s Day, International Men’s Day and Ada Lovelace Day.

If you’re interested in partnering with BAE Systems Digital Intelligence for future events or initiatives, please get in touch by emailing:
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