We help the armed forces train the right people to the right standard, at the right time.
We help the armed forces train the right people to the right standard, at the right time, in a cost-effective way. We offer a fully integrated training service from needs analysis, design and manufacture to training delivery and follow-up.

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  • Pacific 24 in operation


    Our Pacific range

    Our range of performance rigid inflatable boats (RIBs) is designed and built primarily for maritime counter terrorism, policing, anti-piracy and search and rescue operations.

  • Tactical Riverine Craft image


    Tactical Riverine Craft

    Our next-generation tactical riverine craft is capable of operating on inland and inshore coastal waters for troop insertion/extraction, raiding, patrolling, reconnaissance and stores delivery.

  • Tactical Vehicle Support


    TVS Product Support

    After Market Spares (Repair Parts), Service Support Programs & Training, Integrated Logistics Support Department, Product Warranty Program and Logistics Programs. Product Support's primary mission is to provide "laser focused" support to BAE Systems products and customers.

  • Hawk Cockpit Image


    Training and Support

    In a rapidly changing battlespace, today’s air forces require skills and capability to ensure they can carry out their missions wherever and whenever they are needed.

    Product Family
  • BAE Systems Ship Repair


    Ship Repair

    BAE Systems is a leading provider of ship repair, modernization, conversion, and overhaul services for U.S. government and commercial customers.

  • Future radar image


    Radar UK

    Our rich radar heritage and vast experience, together with our constantly evolving technology and expertise, enable us to provide a world-class service. We provide and maintain cutting-edge radar capability, cost-effective solutions that have been proven time and again in extreme environments and harsh operational conditions.

    Product Family
  • Electronic Manufacturing UK


    Electronic Manufacturing UK

    We provide a trusted and innovative total manufacturing capability for highly complex electronic integrated systems, sub-systems, modules and printed electronic circuit assemblies where quality is paramount. Our ethos is to add value through our people, scale, capability and engineering know-how, allowing us to provide a vital advantage to our customers where it counts.

    Product Family
  • Unmanned Pacific 24


    Innovative new boat technologies

    At BAE Systems we continuously invest in and develop the latest boat technologies, integrating the newest innovations such as autonomy, composite materials, stealth, ballistic protection and electronics into our designs.

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