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Autonomous Systems

Our technologies help keep human operators out of harm’s way.
Our technologies help keep human operators out of harm’s way, maintain operational performance, and reduce crew requirements at sea, on land, and in the air. These include capabilities that extend the reach of sensors, improve battlefield awareness, assess data to take action, and bolster the decision maker’s ability to match the right capability with the right targets at the right times.

Autonomous Systems Products

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  • Product

    Small SWaP Multi-Intelligence for Unmanned Aerial Systems

    Provides highly capable, small SWaP Signal Intelligence (SIGINT) and multi-function radars for group 2 and 3 Unmanned Air Systems

  • Taranis in flight



    Taranis is an unmanned combat aircraft system advanced technology demonstrator programme

  • Demon UAV


    DEMON UAV - Flying Without Flaps

    DEMON is an unmanned aircraft vehicle (UAV) designed to fly without using conventional 'flaps' (elevators or ailerons), using jet propelled blasts of air blown over the trailing edges of its wings to manoeuvre.