Autonomous Systems

Our technologies help keep human operators out of harm’s way.
Our technologies help keep human operators out of harm’s way, maintain operational performance, and reduce crew requirements at sea, on land, and in the air. These include capabilities that extend the reach of sensors, improve battlefield awareness, assess data to take action, and bolster the decision maker’s ability to match the right capability with the right targets at the right times.

Autonomous Systems Products

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  • Intelligent autonomy systems by BAE Systems’ FAST Labs support military personnel in the air, at sea, on the ground, and in space.


    Intelligent Autonomous Systems R&D

    Our ahead-of-the-curve Autonomy R&D keeps our customers ahead of their opponents with rapid problem solving and deployment that puts inventive new capabilities in warfighters' hands while others are still making plans.

  • BAE Systems is developing the next generation of highly advanced cyber technologies for both defensive and offensive use by the defense industry and commercial companies.


    Cyber Technology R&D

    Cyber attacks are common today, but few know what to do about them. Our Cyber R&D unit develops and deploys Resilience in Depth™ solutions that adapt to defeat escalating attacks and expedite cyber weapon response.

  • AVATAR generated exceptionally realistic network personas for use in defensive cyber applications or testing of cyber techniques.


    Cyber Resilience Platform Intrusion Detection

    Aging "Defense in Depth" cyber security no longer works well against today's more targeted, zero-day cyber-attacks. Our Cyber Technology R&D unit's adaptive Resilience in Depth™ solutions model pursues, tracks, and kills threats.

  • By combining best-in-class hydrodynamics, ultra low power processing, and game changing new energy technology, BAE Systems is bringing next-generation capability to the undersea vehicle market.


    Riptide family of autonomous undersea vehicles

    BAE Systems' Riptide family of autonomous undersea vehicles can be easily and affordably scaled and customized to solve undersea challenges.

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  • Undersea mission system payloads provide critical capabilities including autonomy, navigation, SIGINT, acoustic and RF communications, sensor processing, RF EW, acoustic IFF, and active acoustics.


    Maritime mission providers

    Our extensive expertise in sonar, signal processing, sensor fusion, undersea communications, electronic warfare, and autonomous systems coupled with our family of Riptide undersea autonomous vehicles allows us to affordably address rapidly expanding maritime mission requirements in the global defense, commercial, and research markets.

  • Our Maritime Sensing R&D unit develops new sensors, processing payloads, and systems that support warfighters by leveraging the ocean environment to execute missions.


    Maritime Sensing

    Supporting naval strategies for countering adversarial capabilities

  • Tempest and Typhoon on runway
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