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Adelaide, Australia - The world’s first masters program for systems support engineering will be officially launched this morning at Innovation House, Mawson Lakes in South Australia by Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare

The Master of Systems Support Engineering (MSSE),  is a three-year post-graduate course available worldwide that equips students with crucial systems and services skills and knowledge that directly benefits the defence industry in Australia.

New students began their study in March 2011. 16 students are employees of three defence primes — BAE Systems, SAAB Systems and ASC, and one other student is from an Australian defence SME.

Development was funded by the Defence Materiel Organisation through the Industry Skilling Program Enhancement package and supported by the Skilling Australian Defence Industry program.  

BAE Systems, SAAB Systems and ASC provided course case studies, which offer advanced capability solutions to customers operating high-value, complex assets typical of the defence industry.  

Manager – Support Engineering and Technician Governance Phil Jakes said: “The market is still mainly defence but that will shift over time.

“BAE Systems is excited to be involved in a program that has such a great potential for many important growth sectors to be involved. It’s going to be a large future market.”

The program supports the demands of the DMO’s Strategic Reform Program by teaching students to maintain cost-effective systems and services that will encourage longevity and lifespan of systems on aircraft, ships and ground vehicles.

RMIT Engineering Discipline Head John Mo said: “Due to the increasing sophistication of equipment in industries such as defence and mining, support and operations professionals face higher levels of complexity and interdependence.

“This means roles are less about the delivery of a physical product and more about the provision of  service support solutions. This degree addresses this crucial skill gap.”
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