Vodafone McLaren Mercedes names BAE Systems Detica as its official cyber security partner

McLaren Group, which includes Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, a world leading Formula 1 team, has rich and varied Intellectual Property (IP) that is vital to maintaining competitive advantage and warrants advanced protection. Detica CyberReveal ensures this focus on protecting the team’s IP - including its advanced automotive technology - as well as its partner and commercial information against sophisticated targeted attacks on its information systems and networks.

The engagement delivers significant benefits compared to traditional network security solutions as Detica CyberReveal detects the most advanced and sophisticated threats that other security tools cannot, whilst also providing the security analysts with far more detailed context around cyber alerts than other technologies can provide. This enables Vodafone McLaren Mercedes to make more informed decisions and to optimise its resources to deliver greater operational efficiency and a more rapid response to priority threats.

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Team Principal Martin Whitmarsh said:
“Information, regardless of ownership or nature, is always at risk of compromise. Like many other organisations, Vodafone McLaren Mercedes strives to protect its information assets and our use of Detica’s cyber technology has significantly reduced that risk.”

John Cooper, Commercial and Finance Director, McLaren Racing added:
“Commercial enterprises are increasingly being compromised by covert cyber attacks which can remain unchecked and undetected for long periods – so our partnership with Detica has been instrumental in ensuring the team’s IP remains safe and unaltered.”

Martin Sutherland, Managing Director, BAE Systems Detica said:
“As security and cyber threats increase, we are delighted to be supporting McLaren in this critical area. We see too many companies still believing that traditional defences are enough to protect them from targeted cyber attacks. The increased prevalence of these attacks has reached a level where organisations must take positive action to protect sensitive commercial and customer information, their intellectual property and business critical systems.”

Detica CyberReveal uses a massively scalable platform to detect the underlying behaviours associated with sophisticated and bespoke cyber attacks, which typically go undetected and unfiltered by traditional methods that look for known attack signatures. It detects early signs of potential compromise by monitoring each event on an organisation’s network and suspicious activity is prioritised according to the level of risk it poses and investigated by a team of expert cyber analysts from Detica Managed Security Services. These analysts use the information to build a thorough understanding of the attacker’s behaviours and modus operandi to develop strategies to prevent further attacks.