“The 57-mm ammunition increases the ability of the U.S. Navy to not only protect its ships, but to attack targets more precisely and from a greater distance, giving our sailors an increased advantage,” said Mark Signorelli, vice president and general manager, Weapon Systems, BAE Systems. “This contract demonstrates our commitment to the Navy and the strength of our partnership.”

The 6-mode programmable 57-mm Mk 295, pre-fragmented and proximity-fused (3P) ammunition allows the system to perform against either an aerial, surface or ground threat without requiring multiple round types. The Mk 296 TP, or Training Projectile, will be used for training purposes by the Navy and U.S. Coast Guard.

The Mk 295 3P ammunition will provide the Navy with a capability that will engage targets across several mission areas. The 3P projectile is capable of engaging aircraft, missiles or small boats at sea to protect the ship from many surface and air threats as well as provide support to engaged forces ashore.

Work will be completed in Fridley, Minn., Louisville, Ky., Karlskoga, Sweden and at other North American locations.

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