2013 Typhoon Display Pilot: Flight Lieutenant Jamie Norris

Jamie has spent the past few weeks in the skies over the UK practising ahead of a busy programme of Eurofighter Typhoon displays through 2013. The first of these will be over the island of Langkawi during this year’s LIMA Air Show and the Newcastle-born pilot can’t wait to get started.   

"This will be my first visit to Malaysia and I am delighted to launch the 2013 display season at. LIMA. After all the hard work and preparation the display has come together really well," he said.

Jamie and his colleagues from the RAF arrived in Malaysia just a few days ago. Now on the island, he has seen the venue and is keen to put the aircraft through its paces.

"Spectators at LIMA can expect something a little different from last time around. As expected I will be performing a range of high speed manoeuvres that demonstrate the sheer power and agility of the aircraft.  This time though I will also perform a series of low speed manoeuvres that will deliver the subtle differences from previous displays."

"It will include what we call ‘dirty work’. That means lowering the undercarriage, in mid-display. This way the crowed will get to see the aircraft ‘dirty’, and at lower speed than has been performed before. This will demonstrate the aircraft's significant thrust in the low speed regime while also highlighting its carefree handling, one of the many fantastic assets of the jet." 

"The best thing about flying Typhoon is the immense power coupled with its carefree handling characteristics, This makes it such an amazing platform and the assets you will see me demonstrate in the display really come into their own in the wartime role. As a war-going jet Typhoon is literally second to none."

"It is a dream come true to be displaying at LIMA in such a phenomenal aircraft.  Add to that the fact that my debut display this year is in one of the most beautiful countries in the world  - then you’ll understand why I think I have one of the best jobs on the planet."