Eurofighter Typhoon over Malaysia

We welcome the announcement by the Royal Air Force (RAF) that it plans to send a number of its Typhoon multi-role combat aircraft from the UK to support the upcoming ‘Five Powers Defence Agreement Exercise’ hosted by Malaysia in April and also the Langkawi International Maritime & Air (LIMA 2013) Show on March 26.

We are one of four European industrial partners in the four-nation Eurofighter programme.  With our regional office based in Kuala Lumpur, we are taking the lead on behalf of the four partners to offer Typhoon to the Royal Malaysia Air Force to meet its requirement for a new multi-role combat aircraft (MRCA) over the coming years.  

Regional Managing Director, John Brosnan is looking forward to welcoming the team when it arrives in Langkawi ahead of the show.

“At LIMA 2011 Typhoon was one of the headlining displays and I know that this year the RAF team has been working hard through the winter to prepare for this year’s display season. LIMA will be their opening event of 2013 and so the crowds can expect to see some exciting and dynamic flying by the display pilot Flt Lt Jamie Norris,” he said.

Looking ahead to LIMA, RAF display pilot Flt Lt Jamie Norris said:

“It will be an honour to be at LIMA 2013 and to have the opportunity to display some of the capabilities of Typhoon. This will be my first visit to Malaysia and LIMA will give me the opportunity to meet the crowds and engage with fellow pilots.”

Following the LIMA Show, the Typhoon detachment team will be based in Butterworth and will take part in bi-lateral training exercises with the Royal Malaysian Air Force front-line squadrons. The joint exercise gives the air forces an opportunity to work together through a series of air exercises designed to explore the capabilities of respective aircraft types in different scenarios.

So far, Typhoon has been ordered by seven nations, the most recent being Oman who signed in December 2012. The other six nations: Germany, Spain; Italy: UK; Austria and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia are already operating the aircraft to meet air-to-air; and air-to ground defence requirements. LIMA 2013 will give the crowds another chance to see why Typhoon is turning into such a successful export story as Brosnan explains:

“While Typhoon is weaving its magic in the air the BAE Systems team will be demonstrating the range of industrial, educational and technology partnership opportunities open to Malaysia as part of our campaign to offer the aircraft as a contender in the upcoming competition.”

“We are proud of our track record in delivering real value-added partnership opportunities to Malaysian companies and we will continue to explore new opportunities for the future."

“Ultimately LIMA celebrates Malaysia’s role in driving its defence and aerospace industry forward. We are proud to be associated with that role and we look forward to welcoming our partners, our friends, our customers and, of course, Typhoon to LIMA."

“We can’t wait for the show to begin.”