BAE Systems

MIGHT-Meteor Advanced Manufacturing Sdn. Bhd., in collaboration with BAE Systems, an active member of Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MiGHT) launched its second Malaysian Education Road Show programme during LIMA 2013 joined by secondary school students of Sek. Men. Kedawang.

The second road show was attended by more than 50 pupils aged between 16 and 17 years old along with their teachers. The programme managed in collaboration with Universiti Putra Malaysia (UPM) aims to develop pupils’ knowledge, stimulate interest and excitement for engineering at the same time encouraging them to consider engineering as a career in the future.

“Word has reached us that MIGHT-Meteor/BAE Systems First Education Road Show in Sarawak last year was outstanding, hence we were most excited this year to be invited and be part of the program where we are able to experience life-science and engineering of aerospace and maritime while exposing ourselves on the latest technology”, said the Principal of Sek. Men. Kedawang.

This year’s Road Show ensembles activities of engaging the students to the real-life experience of the aerospace and maritime industry where they were given the chance to understand and feel the atmosphere of having an imminent profession in engineering. The students participated in both indoor and outdoor activities such as ‘Play & Experience with Eurofighter Typhoon simulator’, the chance to put on a real helmet of a fighter jet pilot and an open quiz session with BAE Systems. The students were also given a special opportunity to visit and meet a real-life FSR aircraft pilot and experiencing session in an actual cockpit – which enthuse them in its function and structure design.

Abdul Rahim Abu Talib, Senior General Manager of Might-Meteor stated “Our objective is to ‘nurture today’s talents for future leaders’. BAE Systems has been together supporting our objective and we are ecstatic to help Malaysia build enthusiasm among young people towards a long and rewarding career in science and engineering.”

BAE Systems regional managing director, John Brosnan, said:  ‘This is the latest in a series of educational initiatives aimed at building engineering awareness amongst young Malaysians.  The last road show proved to us that there is  an immense thirst for knowledge about engineering and other technology related subject across Malaysian schools and we are keen to help MIGHT/Meteor quench that thirst with value-added education programmes such as this.’

MIGHT-Meteor and UPM, with support from us, aims to replicate the project to many more schools in the future. The idea of exposing students to witness first hand excitement of on-going activities in engineering especially in LIMA 2013 this year will definitely challenge their minds to a more creative and innovative future of Malaysia.