During the event, BAE Systems will conduct media briefings on significant programs and capabilities at its booth (#1225) and at the Carnegie Library. Briefings currently scheduled during the show are:

  • Innovating for future combat. To support the Army’s Force 2025 Vision, BAE Systems is leveraging investments made across the service’s combat programs. Learn how BAE Systems is continuing to mature these technologies and developing solutions that can be used to modernize existing platforms and advance new capabilities.

WHEN:        Monday, October 13, 10:30 a.m.

WHO:           Dean Medland, business development director
WHERE:     AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition
                        Walter E. Washington Convention Center
                        BAE Systems’ Booth #1225, Meeting Room 1

CONTACT:  Megan Mitchell, BAE Systems
                         Mobile: 571-329-0349

  • Groundbreaking soldier system reduces equipment burdens and consolidates power supplies. To ease the burden of heavy, bulky equipment carried by dismounted soldiers, BAE Systems’ next-generation Broadsword™ Soldier System is designed for modern warfighters, consolidating and tightly integrating the power sources and components they need to carry out their missions. This low-volume, low-weight system includes a revolutionary e-textile Spine™ with conductive yarns that eliminate the usual wired harness and the need to carry multiple battery types for powering or recharging equipment. This flexible fabric power-and-data distribution network, which can withstand holes, rips, and burns, also includes a series of connection points for transmitting and receiving data as well as power. Learn more about the scalable Broadsword system and how it revolutionizes conventional cabled solutions.

    WHEN:        Monday, October 13, 2:00 p.m.

    WHO:          Chris Colston, business development director
    WHERE:     AUSA Annual Meeting & Exposition
                            Carnegie Library, Meeting Room 7
                            801 K St NW, Washington, DC
                            (Across from the Convention Center)

    CONTACT:  Liz Ryan Sax, BAE Systems
                             Mobile: 973-567-2105

Media representatives are invited to visit the BAE Systems exhibit and baesystems.com/ausa to learn about the company’s cost-effective technologies, equipment, and services that mitigate emerging challenges and enable success across the spectrum of U.S. Army operations, including:

Communications and electronics

Soldiers’ ability to communicate and coordinate with each other is one of the most powerful weapons in their arsenal. That’s why BAE Systems is constantly working to help reduce the soldier’s load while providing a real-time link to the information and communication they need to be successful. Products and services to be highlighted during the exposition include the TacNet™ Tactical Radio and the ASN-128D Doppler/GPS Navigation Set.

Combat systems and support

BAE Systems develops advanced weapon system technology and platform improvements to meet the toughest mission requirements. In addition to the Future Technology Demonstrator with Integrated Directed Energy Weapon on display, BAE Systems will showcase a Crew Station Simulator equipped with the Commander’s Independent Weapon Station, E-X Drive® Transmission, and Energy Storage System.

Aviation and missiles
BAE Systems has a proven history of providing threat detection, integrated processing, and advanced threat countermeasures for superior protection against guided and unguided threats to rotary- and fixed-wing aircraft. Threat management solutions on display will include the Common Missile Warning System, the Advanced Threat Infrared Countermeasure system, and the Common Infrared Countermeasures system. Precision guidance systems including the APKWS™ laser-guided rocket and Silver Bullet precision guidance kit will also be on display.

Soldier systems
To mitigate the emerging threats of today, soldiers need systems that are lighter, smarter, stronger, and better-connected than ever before. In addition to the Broadsword Soldier System and e-textile Spine, products on display will include helmet-mounted displays, such as the digital Striker® II and Q-Warrior®; a range of thermal imaging and aiming products; and precise handheld targeting systems, including TRIGR®.

Intelligence and security
BAE Systems provides real-time intelligence analysis and secure information sharing services to support the U.S. Army and its troops deployed around the world. Visit the BAE Systems booth to learn about a variety of Geospatial eXploitation Products, including SOCET GXP® and GXP Explorer®; and the company’s enhanced information sharing capabilities, such as its Cybersecurity Products and Virtual Desktop Solution.

For further information on BAE Systems’ activities at the AUSA Annual Meeting and Exposition, please visit baesystems.com/ausa and follow @BAESystemsInc on Twitter.

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