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Using the technology, BAE Systems and Fylde Executive Cars, which provides its car and taxi services, have developed a new system to ensure carbon offset agreements can be properly measured. It means accurate amounts of money can be released for environmental support work.

Every year hundreds of customers and travelling employees visit the company’s Warton and Samlesbury facilities in Lancashire transported by Fylde Executive Cars (FEC). Under a ‘carbon offset’ agreement, BAE Systems and Fylde Exec are able to release funds to plant trees within the area of BAE Systems’ operations in Lancashire.

The innovative offset scheme was developed between BAE Systems and FEC to help reduce and counter-balance CO2 emissions created by road travel. It not only meets legislative needs, but also helps reduce travel-costs through better management of car movements and car share schemes. Funding for the initiative is covered through the management of a “rebate scheme” based on the number of journeys completed each year.

Before the Tom Tom Work system came into use, drivers had to calculate the miles they clocked up based on the car’s trip meter - often running several trips a day. Now, thanks to the in-car device, and some sophisticated software, an exact figure can be calculated for the rebate due. It is money which is ring-fenced to be ploughed back into the environment.

John Coombes, MD of Fylde Executive Cars said: “We are thrilled that the investment we have made in this new system has helped reduce BAE Systems travel costs and the impact of business travel on the environment. The Tom Tom system has helped this immensely whilst at the same time improving our own fleet efficiency and passenger safety – it is a real thrill to see the trees being planted.”

This year between FEC and BAE Systems a total of £3,365 worth of carbon offset rebate has been identified enabling a tree-planting programme to continue which has already seen 370 trees put into the playing fields of primary schools across Lancashire.

And this winter another 300 native trees will be planted across the county. James Lancaster, a strategic planning manager for BAE Systems, said: “The use of technology is vital in the company’s bid to reduce its impact on the environment. In Tom Tom terms we may not yet have reached our destination, but, working together with suppliers such as FEC, we are certainly heading in the right direction.” 

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