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Saudi Employment and Rehabilitation Fair

Saudi Employment and Rehabilitation Fair
Under the auspices of his Excellency the Minister of labour, BAE Systems Saudi Arabia participates in the third Saudi Employment and Rehabilitation Fair

During the third Employment Saudi Employment and rehabilitation Fair BAE Systems received honors from Engineer Abdullah Al- Hagbani , Deputy Ministry of Labour of Planning and Development. This honors acknowledge BAE Systems efforts in recruiting Saudi nationals, and its ongoing initiatives with job applicants and university alumni, attracting national cadres whether they are graduates of the Faculty of Engineering, Technical Studies or Business Administration. This honor comes as an extension of the company's efforts and interest in Saudis’ employment and training programs and developing their capabilities in multiple areas.

Inaugurated by Engineer Abdullah Al- Hagbani , Deputy Ministry of Labour of Planning and Development BAE Systems Saudi Arabia participated in the third Employment &Rehabilitation Fair under the theme of "Saudis with special needs", organized by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Riyadh and held at the Madareem Crown Hotel from 13-15 May 2012.

HR Director of Excellence Centre at BAE Systems, Majid Al-Muzairi, explained that the provision of job opportunities for Saudi men and women is one of the most important priorities BAE Systems seeks to achieve through investment in national cadres. The company gives a major attention to Saudis’ employment and training programs in order to develop their abilities in multiple areas. A culmination of BAE Systems multiple efforts and its plans drawn to open multiple prospects to recruit Saudis, contributing to the general direction of the State and supporting the Saudi economy and social development resulted in BAE Systems winning Prince Nayef’s Silver Award for Saudizationin early 2011, and the Best Work Environment Award.”

The Head of Recruitment in the company, Abdul Aziz Al-Humaidhi, said:

"This exhibition is one of the most important efforts in advancing our goal of hiring Saudi nationals. We participated as one of the largest global corporations hiring Saudis here in the Kingdom, and 60% of our workforces are Saudi nationals.

Al-Humaidhi also said:

"BAE Systems also offers development and rehabilitation programs for young Saudis to be able to implement the requirements to bringing technology to the Kingdom and to become self-reliant, Refining their skills and training them in accordance of the requirements of the labour market. We believe in the importance of creating a national human base that can shoulder the responsibility of advancing development in accordance with the latest technology”.