Typhoon maintenance


A new maintenance programme means the Typhoon will be serviced after every 500 flying hours instead of the current 400 hours, increasing the availability of the jets to the RAF for frontline duties.

The agreement follows a detailed analysis to ensure the changes could be implemented without compromising safety.

It will also see Typhoon updated engineering and maintenance data and publications, which the jet relies heavily upon.

Significant milestone

Group Captain Simon Ellard, Deputy Head of the Fast Air Support Team for the UK Ministry of Defence’s, Defence Equipment & Support organisation (DE&S), said: “The successful cutover of the RAF's Typhoon fleet represents yet another significant milestone as in-service experience with this remarkable aircraft continues to develop.

“In the first instance, it is a major step forward in safety terms, ensuring that inspections and maintenance are carried out at the right intervals and based on the best available data and evidence from many thousands of hours of flying operations.

“Furthermore, the business benefits will ensure that the best value for money is achieved as well a maximum availability for the front-line.

“The route to this achievement was made possible by strong co-operation and partnership between DE&S, BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force and everyone involved should be rightly proud of the role they played in making this vision a reality.”

Giving real advantage

Martin Taylor, Managing Director Combat Air Support, commented: “BAE Systems are in a privileged position which has allowed us to combine our intimate understanding of Typhoon in service and our partners original design data to create real advantage for our customers at home and abroad.

“The UK customer trusted us to deliver the new maintenance programme with the support of the partner companies in a timescale that they deemed acceptable and we delivered.”

Operating Typhoon

The RAF currently has 106 Eurofighter Typhoons, operating six squadrons from the main RAF operating stations at RAF Leuchars and RAF Coningsby.