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The integration of Paveway IV demonstrates a commitment to enhance and upgrade Typhoon’s capabilities in its ground attack role and forms part of the Typhoon Future Capability Upgrade.

Typhoon Test Pilot Nat Makepeace, who was at the controls of development aircraft IPA6, said:  “This was a successful test flight demonstrating the avionics system is able to use global positioning system (GPS) data and target information sourced from the aircraft to prepare for the release.  All communication with the aircraft and safe release of the bomb went to plan.”

Paveway IV is a highly accurate, precision guided bomb capable of significantly minimising collateral damage.  It is low cost and will provide Typhoon pilots with the very best technology for operations with its all-weather, day and night precision capability.

The test is part of an ongoing programme to integrate Paveway IV onto the aircraft and builds on the environmental and jettison trials which have already been performed.

Paveway IV is expected to be provided to the UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) early in 2012 when the RAF will start operational evaluation.

This work further demonstrates the systems integration capabilities of the BAE Systems Typhoon team.  These skills are essential for the continued development of the Typhoon aircraft.  The team is working closely with the MOD, the Eurofighter partner nations and Raytheon on this development programme.

Paveway™IV is the next generation guided weapon selected by the UK Ministry of Defence for the Precision Guided Bomb (PGB) programme. In an environment where time sensitive targeting remains fundamental to success, Paveway™IV provides the ultimate in operational flexibility. The combat proven dual-mode guidance, together with height of burst and penetrating capability in one weapon system, enable the decision of target engagement to be made right up to the point of release.

Paveway™IV has been successfully integrated onto the Harrier GR9/9A and Tornado GR4 and under contract is being integrated onto Typhoon and Joint Combat Aircraft.  It expands the boundaries of traditional laser guided weapons and also exceeds the range of rival GPS guided bombs. The enhanced launch zone increases both weapon effectiveness and platform survivability.

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