Our cutting-edge bone conduction technology has been adapted for the 35th America's Cup
With sailing speeds reaching up to 60mph communication between the six crew-mates on board the race boat, as well as the support boats, is crucial in a high pressure racing environment. Adapting our pioneering bone conduction technology – primarily used to aid armed forces personnel on the battlefield – for the 35th America’s Cup gave Land Rover BAR a crucial advantage as they bid to bring the Cup back to Britain.
Land Rover BAR sailor Matt Cornwell said: “When we first tried the technology not only were we amazed by how well the bone conductors could play sound through the skull, but we could see there could be some real scope to use it on the race yacht.
“I’m pretty sure we were the only team out there using it; it’s not the sort of thing you can just pick up off the shelf. A lot of time and effort went into producing the bone conductors from some very smart people, so it wasn't like another team could just copy the technology either.
“BAE Systems’ technical knowledge and expertise helped us to greatly improve a key area in racing the America’s Cup Class yachts. Communication is a performance differentiator and ours is one of the best in sailing thanks to them.”
Bone conduction technology creates physical vibrations from an audio signal. Travelling through facial bones into the inner ear, these vibrations are translated into nerve impulse signals and sent to the brain, allowing the user to hear audible sound.

Supporting Land Rover BAR's bid for America's Cup victory
Through a specially designed helmet, Sir Ben Ainslie’s team were able to keep both their ears free in order to hear external sounds, whilst providing the ability to communicate clearly with crewmates in the most treacherous of sailing conditions.
Mohammed Akhmad, Principal Scientist at BAE Systems, said: “We’re delighted that Land Rover BAR used our cutting-edge bone conduction technology to gain a competitive edge during the America’s Cup.
“We adapted our pioneering solution for soldiers out on the battlefield to ensure the crew could clearly receive instructions from their team-mates out on the water. With such a large amount of background noise and weather variables, clear communication is crucial for any successful sailing team. Our innovative bone conductor solution enabled the crew to perform their roles efficiently and safely.”
BAE Systems was a part of Land Rover BAR’s multidisciplinary research and development Technical Innovation Group, powered by PA Consulting, tasked with providing world-leading technology and engineering expertise to drive a competitive advantage at the America's Cup.
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