In daylight or the dark of night, new compact, high-speed thermal camera core sees through fog and smoke

BAE Systems Thermal Camera Core for military and commercial applications
As video systems manufacturers continually aim to create smaller, faster, and higher-quality solutions, BAE Systems’ new thermal camera core already meets these requirements – and more

Developed with the system engineer in mind, our MIR640 thermal camera core captures video at twice the rate of competing solutions. Smaller than a ping pong ball, the camera core is optimized for size, weight, and power – ideal for original equipment manufacturers of security and surveillance, targeting, automotive, and thermography systems. 

MIR640 – the newest addition to the MicroIR® line of camera cores – is a 17-micron, 640x480 pixel, uncooled thermal camera core that captures video in daylight or at night, at the same time allowing the operator to capture images through fog, smoke, dust, and haze. Its 60Hz frame rates saves system designers from compromising between frames per second and image size.

“Doubling the camera’s speed allows systems to capture fast moving details without blur,” said Christian Rodriguez, business development at BAE Systems. “With this added speed, users can navigate complex environments and track fine movements without the disorientation that comes from using slower video.”

Our MIR640 packs the sensor, image processing, USB controls, and standard video interfaces into a 1.7 cubic inch, 1.4 oz module that consumes only 1.1 watt of power. Its embedded display drivers provide a cost-effective alternative to using additional display boards. Additionally, the MIR640 provides increased flexibility to the user with its ability to switch between 60Hz and 30Hz mode, without the need to restart the system.

Designed to provide affordable thermal imaging performance in a compact, low-power module, our MIR640 is well-positioned to be a (thermal camera) core component to a wide range of vision system applications.