Advanced Bradley Fighting Vehicle

The 116th Cavalry Brigade Combat Team (CBCT) became the first unit in the Army National Guard to receive the Bradley A3 Fighting Vehicle, the most advanced Bradley Fighting Vehicle in service, during a rollout ceremony on June 2 in Boise, Idaho. The 116th CBCT has received a total of 99 Bradley A3s.

During the event, the National Guard unveiled its newest equipment to the public, including the M2A3 Bradley Fighting Vehicle, the M3A3 Bradley Cavalry Fighting Vehicle, and the M1A2 SEP Abrams Main Battle Tank. The 116th CBCT is headquartered in Idaho and consists of battalions in Idaho, Montana, and Oregon. The new Bradley A3s will be used to equip and train the brigade. In addition to Bradleys, BAE Systems provides the 116th CBCT with M109A6 Paladin howitzers and M88 recovery vehicles and other combat systems.

“As the most survivable infantry vehicle in theater, the Bradley A3 provides soldiers with the latest upgrades and the highest level of protection needed to operate in various combat environments,” said John Tile, BAE Systems program director, Bradley. “We are thrilled to support the National Guard as they receive the latest and greatest in Bradley technology.”

The Bradley A3, made at BAE System’s York, Penn. facility, is equipped with enhanced armor protection, automatic gun target adjustment, improved network connectivity, as well as a commanders independent viewer that allows detection and rapid engagement of multiple targets,  and second generation Forward Looking Infrared (FLIR) sighting capability. The combat-proven platform provides outstanding survivability, mobility, and lethality to the Army.

“BAE Systems has a long history of support to the Army National Guard,” said Don Prewitt, director of National Guard business development for BAE Systems. “Our vehicles and services have been and will continue to act as the backbone of the Guard’s heavy force and the company is committed to providing the newest technology to this essential part of our Army.”

BAE Systems is a major supplier of the National Guard. In addition to our vehicles that are currently in use throughout the Guard, the company conducts new equipment training in support of U.S. Army TACOM.