There are a number of major defence projects on the horizon that will create thousands of opportunities for graduates with a wide range of skills and experience, in particular SEA 5000 which includes building nine Future Frigates for the Royal Australian Navy.
To help build the talent pipeline that will be required to deliver this project, BAE Systems is engaging with students at universities around the country, introducing them to career opportunities in defence industry.
Through the roadshow, students will have the chance to hear first-hand what it’s like working for the Company, the career development opportunities, the roles available now and those expected to open up in the future, how to register for work and talk to current and former graduates.
BAE Systems has committed to creating 1000 graduate and apprenticeship roles, should it win the SEA 5000.
Opportunities for current and future generations of engineers, designers, project managers and professionals as well as apprenticeships in steelwork, mechanical, electrical and technical trades will deliver SEA 5000 over the coming decades.
BAE Systems Chief Executive, Glynn Phillips said:
“We are involved with a range of activities to engage with students.
“We have been working with key universities and educational institutions for many years to ensure that defence is on a students’ list of future career options.
“We’re undertaking the roadshow now because it an ideal time of the year to engage with students who are considering career opportunities after graduation.”
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