A glimpse into how exo-skeletons and robots could be used to support the Royal Air Force’s frontline aircraft was revealed today at RAF Coningsby, home to the UK’s Typhoon fleet. 

BAE Systems and the Royal Air Force are exploring how fast jet support could be carried out smarter and faster using transformative technologies as well as greener, sustainable solutions and digital twinning. The innovations will significantly reduce costs and improve the availability of front line Typhoon fighter jets and, in the future, Tempest. 
These technologies could be used to reduce fatigue and chance of injuries among support crews as well as improve the speed of maintenance on aircraft. 
Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft beside zero emission power source

Some of the programmes being trialled include:

  • Exoskeletons – allowing aircrew and maintenance teams to safely handle and articulate greater loads;
  • Autonomous co-bots – these free-moving robots could work in tandem with the exoskeleton users assisting with training and maintenance tasks;
  • Augmented Reality headsets – allowing data to be visualised in new ways by offering aircraft maintainers hands-free access to technical publications and the capability to view a digital twin of the aircraft and its maintenance history;
  • Sustainable operations – delivering advanced synthetic training to pilots and aircrew whilst maximising use of renewable resources to help the RAF meet its target of net zero by 2040.

Speech marks Nick Sharples, Head Of Technology delivery, Support and Training for BAE Systems Air, said:

"Working with our partners to trial new technologies and solutions for future fast jet support helps us explore new ways of delivering leading-edge capabilities and value for money for our customers, whilst reducing environmental impact."

Speech marks Group Captain Daniel Penter, Director ASTRA, said:

"The pace by which technology advances is increasing all the time, and it is imperative that we explore with industry how best to harness this to both improve and enhance how we support the frontline."
Employee wears VAR headset showing one future support technology solution
The trials at RAF Coningsby forms part of a wider strategy to drive efficiency through the introduction of technologies and collaboration to develop new partnerships across academia and small and medium enterprises, contributing to UK jobs across the supply chain. 
Ref: 149/2022

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