Fourth ANZAC frigate milestone

HMAS Warramunga
HMAS Warramunga, the fourth ANZAC frigate to be upgraded as part of the Anti-Ship Missile Defence (ASMD) program has been undocked at the BAE Systems Henderson (WA) shipyard.

Director of Maritime Bill Saltzer praised the BAE Systems integrated delivery team at Henderson for the great work performed to date on the Anzac refit and upgrade program.

“BAE Systems, together with our ANZAC Alliance partners, has successfully implemented the ASMD capability and other significant engineering changes on the first of class HMAS Perth, HMAS Arunta, HMAS Anzac and HMAS Warramunga.

“Productivity has improved significantly from ship to ship demonstrating the value of continuous production. BAE Systems success as prime contractor and platform system integrator also demonstrates the importance of the involvement we had in the original design and construction of the ANZAC ships.

“The work being undertaken at our Henderson yard is further testament to the skills and capabilities available in our BAE Systems Maritime business and demonstrates the essential role we play in supporting the Australian Defence Force.”

The scope of the project includes ship integration of the leading edge CEA Phased Array Radar (PAR), the Vampir NG Infrared Search & Track (IRST) system, the Sharpeye Navigation Radar System (NRS), and an upgraded Saab Combat Management System (CMS) including an improved Operations Room layout.

The work was completed through the Anzac Ship Integrated Material Support Program Alliance comprising BAE Systems, Saab Systems and the Defence Materiel Organisation (DMO). The program is expected to be completed in 2017 and will include upgrades to a further four vessels, including HMAS Ballarat and HMAS Parramatta.