The 5 F-35 supervisors under 30
For five of our high-flyers, who joined the Company through our award-winning apprenticeship scheme, the sky is the limit…
Sam Bamber, Jordan Ainsworth, Jack Taylor, Adam Levine and Ryan Pearce, all joined our Military Air and Information business through the apprenticeship programme.
Today, several years on, they have flown up the ranks and are now responsible for delivering some of the most advanced military aircraft in the world.
As production supervisors within our F-35 Lightning II Manufacturing facility at Samlesbury, Lancashire, they’ve earned the respect of the workforce and are now at the cutting edge of the business, delivering aircraft sets to the largest defence programme in the world, the F-35 programme.
What’s even more impressive is they are all under 30 years of age.
In fact they are living proof that our apprenticeship scheme can set you on the path to rapid career development at BAE Systems.
Rising to their roles, they have serving their time on the line, absorbing vital know-how from the experienced team around them whilst also bringing fresh ideas to the programme.
The F-35 Manufacturing facility, where each and every rear aft and tails set for the F-35 fleet is crafted, is a state-of-the-art facility which utilises the very latest in manufacturing technologies. The education and experience delivered as part of the apprenticeship scheme means that, despite their young age, the supervisors are confident in their responsibilities to ensure the aircraft sets are delivered, on time, on quality and on cost.
Our company currently employs over 33,000 people in the UK, and is one of the UK’s largest employers of engineers.  Our apprentice programme, which has one of the highest completion rates in the engineering sector, was voted ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED in 2010 and has a number of accolades to its name including the National Apprentice Award for the Macro Employer of the Year in 2011.
And our high-flying five are proof the programme can make your career take off. More info can be found here:
Adam Levin, 21 years old
The youngest of the group, Adam is also the youngest supervisor to work in the state of the art facility.  He’s been a supervisor for 12 months and is responsible for managing the 12 person team running the aft Integrated Assembly Line.
Adam is from St Annes and was inspired to work at BAE Systems by his dad and brother who both work for the company too.
Jordan Ainsworth, 28 years old
Hailing from Blackburn, Jordan used to be a chef at the local pub which his parents ran.  He decided to make the switch from serving up steaks to delivering aircraft in 2009 when he signed up for the apprenticeship scheme.  He’s now responsible for delivering the horizontal and vertical tails for F-35 fighter jets.
Sam Bamber, 27 years old
Sam, from Preston, joined the company straight from school.  He joined the scheme with his cousin Jack Taylor, who is also a supervisor in the same facility.  He’s been part of the fabric of the F-35 manufacturing facility for several years and has seen it transformed from a traditional cell build layout to the high tech integrated moving line it is today.  In his words, he’s grown with the business and seen it take shape. Now he’s excited to be part of the team shaping its future.
Jack Taylor, 25 years old
Jack, from Preston, supervises the nightshift, keeping the 24 hour operation of the line in full flow.  Jack supervises the team that paint and equip the aircraft sets.  Jack’s proud to have been awarded for his team’s work on the line, delivering a faultless aircraft set to the customer. The work was recognised under a Company wide scheme called Chairman’s Awards.
Ryan Pearce, 24 years old
Ryan, from Blackburn became a supervisor having got his grounding an as apprentice.  What motivates Ryan? Being part of a business that will secure jobs for decades to come.  With a 6 month old son at home, there’s a good chance he could be following in his father’s footsteps one day…