The award
The Excellence Award recognises the contribution industry makes to improved performance of the military. The joint BAE Systems, UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) and RAF team who are part of the UK Availability Information Management Team based at RAF Marham and Coningsby, beat off stiff competition from other industries following presentations and judging panels to land this year’s prestigious prize.

The team of four, comprising Ian Haddleton, Mike Johnson, Brian Smith and Squadron Leader Steve Webster, won the award for the deployment of ‘operational intelligence’ across our Typhoon and Tornado availability business.

The entry
Availability services now rely on ‘operational intelligence’ capabilities provided by a Decision Support Environment (DSE), to deliver real time visibility of aircraft status in Maintenance and Force Operation Centres and elsewhere. The DSE, based on commercially available software, automates the collation of information and delivery of reporting, freeing efforts to focus on analysis and improvements required to achieve business targets.

The ‘living’ dashboards display combined information from MOD and Industry in a single and shared source.  Visibility of aircraft states, depth maintenance status, related engineering queries, maintenance Issues and supply chain shortages are all current and at hand to enable UK fast jet force readiness to be optimised. The team are now alerted when important events occur, in time to make a difference.

The conference
As part of the conference there was an exhibition stand that raised awareness of our Defence Information capabilities, across all sectors (Air, Sea and Land) and highlighted the work done in areas not traditionally associated with us particularly by Defence Information, Training & Services and Applied Intelligence.

Speaking at the conference was our Group Managing Director Nigel Whitehead, who is also Chair of the UKCeB.