Farnborough, UK - 19 July 2022 – Embraer and BAE Systems have announced the signature of two memorandums of understanding (MoUs) at the Farnborough Airshow, which  expand the footprint of both companies in the global defence market by setting out the basis for a collaborative relationship. 
The first MoU aims to establish a strategic partnership between BAE Systems and Embraer to collaborate in markets in which BAE Systems has a significant presence, including selected markets in the Middle East, for example, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The second MoU confirms an intent to create a joint venture to develop a defence variant of Eve’s electrical vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) vehicle. 
The C-390 Millennium and its air-to-air refuelling configuration, the KC-390, are the new generation of multi-role military transport aircraft already delivering unrivalled mobility and cargo capacity, rapid re-configurability, high availability, improved comfort and flight safety, as well as reduced operational costs through its life cycle — all in a single platform.
“The MoU for the C-390 Millennium draws on the collective strengths of two leading aerospace players. Collaborating with BAE Systems will bring valuable international defence market experience and delivery and support to complex military projects together with Embraer’s leading reputation in the design, development, and manufacturing of aircraft,”
Jackson Schneider, President and CEO, Embraer Defense & Security. 
“This collaboration recognises the capability of the C-390 Millennium aircraft combined with BAE Systems’ extensive knowledge and understanding of international markets, including experience in standing up military capability and delivering industrialisation through the support, maintenance and training solutions for complex aircraft.”Ian Muldowney, Chief Operating Officer for BAE Systems’ Air sector

Eve EVTOL - grey concept artwork For the eVTOL collaboration, the companies intend to create a joint venture that will bring together the complementary skills of Embraer and BAE Systems to pursue the potential development of a defence variant, with Eve being the platform provider. 
“Teams from BAE Systems and Embraer will continue working together to explore how the aircraft, designed for the urban mobility market, can provide cost-effective, sustainable and adaptable capability as a defence variant,” explained Schneider.
“Our customers’ operating environment is increasingly complex and eVTOL is just one example of how we’re looking at emerging technologies, including those from the commercial market.  We are exploring how we can adapt these solutions to bring vital operational capability to our customers quickly and at a lower cost - whilst also supporting environmental and sustainability goals,” Ian Muldowney continued.  
In December 2021, BAE Systems and Embraer revealed plans to work together on the development of the Eve eVTOL aircraft as a potential defence variant. This latest announcement demonstrates how the collaboration is expanding to harness the collective expertise of the two leading aerospace and defence organisations.

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