Maritime Composite Training System (MCTS)

MCTS is a world class warfare operator training solution which supports operational capability by ensuring that individuals and teams have the knowledge and confidence required to operate and fight their ships at sea. It has already been delivering Type 45 training for over 18 months.

Commodore Tim Lowe RN, Commodore Maritime Warfare School and Commodore Surface Stream, said: “40 years ago the Royal Navy started introducing technology into its warfare. We started moving into far more complex ops rooms. Today, with MCTS, we have moved to the next stage and certainly in our training delivery we have the ability to train, deliver and employ maritime effect in a far better and a far more effective way than we have ever done before."

MCTS, a £108m investment by the MoD, will provide training at the Maritime Warfare School, HMS COLLINGWOOD in Portsmouth and at HM Naval Base Devonport.  A complete curriculum of 85 warfare courses has been developed and in addition to these individual career courses, MCTS provides continuation training to Fleet units. The Royal Navy provides trainees and instructors whilst all other necessary aspects are provided by BAE Systems until 2018.

Within MCTS the BAE Systems Warfare Team Trainers run operational software, hosted in a COTS computing environment, in a synthetic world giving warfare operators the necessary environment to learn and practice the skills to fight their ships, be it on frigates, destroyers, or Capital ships. Work is already in hand to consider training for sailors who will join the Queen Elizabeth class aircraft carriers later in the decade, and the Type 26 Global Combat Ship now being developed and planned to deploy on operations in the 2020s.

Jeremy Tuck, Maritime Training, BAE Systems Mission Systems, said: “We are delighted to be delivering this important Royal Navy programme and have used our experience in maritime operations to develop a cutting-edge, versatile training environment for Royal Navy personnel to develop and practice their skills.”

In addition, joint and multinational interoperability initiatives are supported through an interoperability gateway that will permit MCTS training at national or NATO secret levels with allies, coalition partners and across the joint community.

In the future, as part of the Maritime Synthetic Training (MaST) programme, the growth path for MCTS is anticipated to include interoperation with ships to provide training on board to enable platform warfare teams to train and mission rehearse where they fight and with whom they fight.

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