AM-CME becomes the latest Czech company to team up on the CV90 program as BAE Systems continues to expand its relationship with Czech industry to build industrial cooperation, and to support the company’s offer of CV90s to the Czech government. BAE Systems has a long established history of working indigenously within countries to promote growth, technical knowhow, and job creation in local economies.

“We are happy to welcome AM-CME to the team and look forward a long, fruitful, and mutually beneficial relationship,” said Peter Nygren, vice president of business development at BAE Systems’ Hägglunds business. “The agreement marks only the beginning of what can become many potential opportunities in the future, especially if the Czech government selects the CV90.”

BAE Systems has already established relationships with several Czech companies, including VOP CZ., an integrator and supplier of advanced defense equipment. With this new arrangement, AM-CME, based in Plzen, will become a supplier for the Swedish government’s program to install mortar systems, known as Mjölner on CV90s.

The CV90 is a modern, adaptable, proven combat vehicle in service with seven nations, including four NATO members.
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