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We have been awarded a further 12 months contract by the UK’s Land Forces HQ Joint Helicopter Command (JHC) to continue an advisory web based Aviation De-confliction Planning Service.

The service, available to the Army, Royal Air Force and Royal Navy, is based on the BAE Systems Centralised Aviation Data Service (CADS) which uses a secure web portal to provide UK MoD operators from disparate operating bases with a common view of planned routes.

Users have the ability to instantly see all planned sorties within the same geographical area and timeframe, enabling them to better visualise the amount of planned traffic they are likely to encounter and spot potential hazards. In addition to aviation de-confliction, CADS provides a centralised master wires function, allowing aircrew to plan around dangerous obstructions and crucially allowing them to share local knowledge on a national scale.

CADS gives full visibility of all night, low-level movements to operators and supervisors, across each of the disparate JHC units and for all associated platforms. Visiting aircraft from outside of JHC will also be able to book into the region through a designated JHC unit, thereby ensuring that all ‘players’ within this busy airspace are actively de-conflicted or managed at the planning stage.  Access has also been given to the Wiltshire Air Ambulance to assist with their emergency call outs.

Wing Commander Al Dale, Wing Commander Flying - MOD Boscombe Down said: “After re-competing the Joint Helicopter Command requirement for helicopter de-confliction, we are delighted to be able to renew the CADS contract with BAE Systems and extend our close working relationship with them. CADS continues to play a vital role in mitigating the risk of a mid-air collision to As Low As Reasonably Practical and thus uphold our flight safety ethos.  The service provided to date has undergone continual development through pro-active engagement with the user community along with application of company initiative and expertise - we look forward to the next 12 months with interest.”

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