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Who are you going to turn to? One of the top international marketing agencies perhaps – or a celebrity? Forget them. What you need are the children of Bryning with Warton St Paul’s CE School in Lancashire.

These are the ‘experts’ that thousands of employees in BAE Systems will be guided by this winter as dark nights and treacherous roads bring fresh safety challenges with the regular commute to and from work.

It will be their posters on the walls of offices and hangars around BAE Systems’ sites in the North West of England that turn on the ‘drive safely’ mindset on a daily basis.

As everyone knows, children have a tendency to say out loud what others are thinking. And it’s that honesty that makes their messages so potent say the Think Safety First team within BAE Systems as they launch this winter’s safer driving campaign.

Think Safety First Campaign manager, Jon Coneybeare, commented: “We all know that winter weather poses more hazards for road traffic users than at other times of the year, but it’s easy to lose focus on the need to drive safely, until you’re caught up in an accident.

“I think the children’s posters are fantastic. They help reinforce key safety messages. My heartfelt thanks go to the children of St Paul’s and to our schools liaison team who have helped make this happen.”

Statistics show that the number of deaths and injuries on the roads rise sharply when the clocks are put back. It’s the period when drivers become increasingly dependent on artificial light, making pedestrians, other road users and road signage all the more difficult to see.

Snow, ice, sleet, fog and rain require drivers to take more care when preparing vehicles and planning journeys at this time of year. It’s equally important that driving style is adapted to the road conditions.
The posters by the children of St Paul’s cover a range of safer driving topics including speed, drink driving and the wearing of seat-belts.
As can be seen here – the posters speak for themselves. 

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