BAE Systems is leading an effort to greatly simplify the work of intelligence analysts who manually process massive volumes of complex data from multiple sources. The work will be performed under a $79 million contract as part of Phase 2 of the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency’s (DARPA) Insight program.

The Insight program seeks to develop a system that will serve users across various defense organizations by automatically fusing data from numerous sensors and using algorithms to discover and predict behaviors of possible threats. The system would analyze the multi-source data and convert it to useable intelligence in a process known as exploitation. For unprecedented seamless tracking abilities, the system would also automatically manage sensor tasking.

“BAE Systems has invested in developing a portfolio of sensor data processing and exploitation systems to provide analysts with usable intelligence and intuitive, easy-to-use sensor controls,” said David Logan, vice president and general manager of Technology Solutions at BAE Systems. “We are able to capitalize on the core technologies we’ve developed for other intelligence programs, including multi-sensor fusion, reasoning algorithms, and automatic resource tasking, while advancing our expertise in this area.” 

BAE Systems will lead the Phase 2 team, which includes Lockheed Martin Advanced Technology Laboratories, SAIC, Charles River Analytics Inc., Intific, Inc., Aptima, Inc., HF Designworks, Inc., and PatchPlus Consulting, Inc. The team is working to mature the system by adding capabilities to integrate information from sources including space, air, sea, and ground sensors, human reports, and intelligence repositories.

During the first phase of the Insight program, BAE Systems developed an automatic/semi-automatic system for exploitation and resource management, as well as sensor models for testing the Insight system under a wider variety of operational conditions. Phase 1 focused on supporting tactical brigades and battalions in irregular warfare scenarios.

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