The Head Mounted Display, also known by its company product name Remote Eyepiece Display Imager, or RED-I®, is compatible with military night sensors such as thermal weapon sights, and can support a variety of mission requirements by providing the user with an easily configurable private viewing display that can mount to eyeglass frames or fit under visors.

“The unique capabilities of our Head Mounted Display, coupled with a thermal imager, significantly enhance the warfighter’s operational effectiveness,” said Vadim Plotsker, president of BAE Systems OASYS. “Our Head Mounted Display is one of the smallest and most versatile remote display imagers available on the market today. It is lightweight, low-power, and has a patented design that allows simultaneous see-through viewing with a forgiving eye-box.”

More than 3,000 RED-I devices have been fielded to date. BAE Systems has the largest quantity contract ever awarded by the U.S. Army for this type of device, which supports a variety of missions, night vision sensors, and weapon systems.

BAE Systems OASYS employs about 80 people in Manchester, New Hampshire. The electro-optical company has expertise in thermal imaging technology, optical assembly design and manufacture, precision optical components, and rapid product development.

Ref. 005/2012

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